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Clarity4D profiles, workshops and coaching are delivered to clients via accredited Business Partners. Business Partners can be independent trainers and coaches, training companies, or employed learning and development professionals within an organisation.

Become an accredited Business Partner by attending a public accreditation programme with Clarity4D!

Next UK accreditation: 8th - 10th January 2018, Bedfordshire - find out more HERE

Can't attend this accreditation? Not to worry, next UK accreditation: 16th – 18th April, 2018

Next UK Accreditation: 16th - 18th July, 2018

Our last UK Accreditation in 2018: 15th - 17th October, 2018

Other Accreditations:

  • December 2017 - Lagos, Nigeria.

  • January 2018 - Accra, Ghana.

  • 7- 9 May 2018 - Toronto, Canada.

More dates to be announced in other countries - watch this space! Contact us to find out more.

What are you waiting for?

Become accredited now!

Why become accredited with Clarity4D?

We are specialists in personality profiling, available to young people as well as corporate professionals. Our personality profiles give people the chance to view their instinctive and authentic self, away from the role they play at work. Profiles are available in Arabic, English, French, Polish, Portuguese and Spanish.

In-house accreditations

If your company has 6 or more people that would like to become accredited, it is likely to be more cost effective to run an in-house accreditation. This can be held in your own premises and be run over 2 days. Interested to find out more? Then please don't hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements.


Linked to the 4 elements of Fire, Water, Air and Earth, the profiles use colour to identify the four personality types based on the work of Carl Jung.


The costs are designed to be affordable across all global markets, and to benefit all staff in any organisation, young people and charities.


Colour creates an internationally understood language which breaks down barriers in cultures, communities, corporations and personal relationships.


The profiles and learning programmes are designed to reduce risk and to create action and results. Goal setting and follow up with video coaching are built into the process.

Reasons to become accredited

  • Full accreditation after 3 days
  • No restrictive practices and no software installations required
  • A FREE web-based office and client management platform
  • FREE training materials to get you started
  • Annual refresher day with access to Clarity4D peer network
  • Enough credits to generate profiles and income from day 1
  • FREE marketing profiles to help build your business
  • Customised profiles to include your company logo
  • Full technical support

Company benefits

  • The ability to generate your own profiles and deliver workshops
  • A company wider understanding of the language of colour that becomes part of your organisation's communication culture.
  • Reduced prices for large volumes, getting even better value for money
  • Control over your recruitment and learning and development plans and budget with the ability to easily identify individual and team development areas
  • Improved communication leading to greater collaboration, co-operation and accountability

  • A FREE web-based office and employee management system

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