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How can businesses (global organisations, SMEs and public sector) add value to their organisations?  Is your business having challenges with selecting and keeping good people, resistance to change, improving productivity, inefficiencies of missed deadlines and ineffective meetings?  Many of these challenges are caused by poor relationships and communication within teams.  Clarity4D profiles can help by identifying the behavioural preferences of the workforce, and the process can create lasting and measurable results through the language of colour.

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A framework for adding value in any organisation

Build the foundation of a great organisation from tactile to systematic 'focus on the things that move the dial'

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Clarity4D profiles and workshops can help to improve performance and profitability in the following ways:

Self-discovery for leadership, management and career advancement:

  • Understanding more about self, both strengths and weaknesses
  • Setting goals and self-coaching
  • Building confidence
  • Better understanding of the behaviours expected to meet the requirements of different work situations
  • Adapting communication style to connect with other people for improved individual relationships, team dynamics, communication and sales performance
  • Identifying how personal influence can be increased by meeting others’ needs
  • Forming the basis of authentic leadership behaviour

Team development for improved communication leading to greater collaboration, co-operation and accountability.

  • Recognise and value the differences in others
  • Adapt our approach to build closer rapport with others
  • Have a framework, a common language, on which to base future interaction
  • Motivate and encourage the team during challenging times
  • Identify preferred ways of communicating together
  • Build collaboration and co-operation
  • Create action plans for effective future teamwork
  • Raise self-awareness and the impact of our behaviour on others
  • Closer relationships with suppliers and customers through stakeholder mapping
  • Reducing risk of demotivated staff, errors, missed deadlines, wasting time and resources


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