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Abri Architects - Understanding our Customers

We are a medium sized practice of architects operating in Auckland and the Waikato. We design and support the construction of buildings throughout the country. Our approach to architecture is based on a strong understanding and sensitivity to the context of the building, and to our clients’ needs and aspirations. We are driven by the idea that we can create beautiful places that make our clients feel wonderful and that enhance their lives and those of their business partners, families, their clients and the public generally. These places will be strongly linked to their surroundings and will seek to foster emotional responses from occupants, visitors and others. In terms of architectural theory, we subscribe to the concept that `Form Follows Feelings’. This is contrary to many architects brought up through the age of modernism and the `form follows function’ mantra which followed from the ideal of a building being a `machine’ for living, working and so on.

We like to think more deeply than that, and drill down to what really matters for our clients. We need to really understand what makes them tick to be able to do this.

Clarity4D has been a tool perfectly suited to this need, as not only does it allow all of us at Abri to understand ourselves better, it means we can communicate with our clients on a much more personal level. We can tailor make our approach and our services to suit them better, because we understand the type of people that they are.

We use the system in house, and also to enhance our understanding of clients’ needs – we are able to understand the `why’ behind their description of `what’ they perceive themselves to need from our designs. This understanding simply leads to a better, more transparent and honest process, and ultimately a much better outcome.

John Durkin, Owner Abri Architects

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