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BP and Clarity4D

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BP is one of the world's leading integrated oil and gas companies

BP is one of the largest energy companies in the world and its shares are fundamental to a majority of UK pension funds and other institutional investors in London and the other major centres around the world.

The Deepwater Horizon disaster in the Gulf of Mexico had a significant impact on BP and its relationship to RISK. Leadership and Teams throughout the world were required to fundamentally change how they approached sub surface risk and drilling. Behaviours and attitude had to change for the better. This was never to be able to happen again.

Why? Because BP was reported to have been very close to going under. $63 million dollars later and it has left a lasting impact on BP and how it engages with oil and gas recovery

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Colours have been used in BP for years but largely as an individual and team-building tool within the organisation. Aspects of it were used in Leadership. The language of colour became proliferated around a number of BP’s business units and was embedded to a great extent in Operations, Sub Surface and Drilling functions.

How COLOUR was used post Deepwater Horizon

The relevance of what colours meant changed somewhat.

Rather than just a team building tool, the profiling and the language became a methodology to better understand how teams worked together and how they might become more aligned and effective in their thinking to drive efficiencies and to make better and more timely decisions. The risks of recent times had led to severe financial penalties and these could never be repeated.

As well as using colours generally, two parts of BP embedded Clarity4D colours within their structure utilising internally trained Learning and Development professionals and other HR staff.

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Azerbaijan and Indonesia are responsible for two huge business areas within BP and in both countries HR Learning and Development professionals were trained by Clarity4D to utilise the profiles and the colour language to underpin learning and to support teams in their endeavours.

The concept of how people see RISK differently has been explored and is being considered within the decision-making processes in many organisations not just within BP

From the ‘000’s of profiles taken throughout BP, the colour language has proven to be a useful tool to better understand recruitment, on-boarding, leadership development and team performance. It offers a dynamic way to value BP staff and to better understand how to retain and motivate the very best.

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