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In 2009, Mr X was a manager in a UK based, global company and he attended a sales development programme where all the delegates completed a Clarity4D profile in order to understand themselves as the 'salesperson' and the buying preferences of their customers.

In 2013, Mr X had been newly appointed as General Manager of the UK operation, and the company sent him on a leadership and management development programme

At the beginning of the 12 month programme, Mr X completed a second profile which showed his preferred colours to be as below. At this stage in his career, Mr X was knowledgeable in the technical side of the company’s product and experienced at selling it. However, he was not used to managing people or driving the business forward. He lacked confidence in handling difficult situations and strategic planning. At the end of the 12 month programme he was recognised by his fellow delegates as the person they would most like to represent their group.

October 2015, Mr X had been in situ as a General Manager for 2 years, and he decided to run a Team Development Programme for all his senior managers. At this stage in his career, his profile looked like this.

Mr X was asked to answer some questions on his leadership journey and his responses are below:

How accurate you found the profile? (1st Dimension)

The profiles have always been very accurate and have reflected my thoughts and behaviours at each stage very well.

How did you use the profile? (2nd Dimension)

I have shared my profile with family members, friends and colleagues and they all agree with the majority of what has been written about me on each occasion and I’ve learned more about myself from their feedback. I’m pleased that my core values always come through very strongly and have remained the same throughout.

What did you learn and decide to develop? (3rd Dimension – unlocking your potential)

In the past I may not have seen everything through to completion.

I was also too easy on poor performance.

I needed to focus on detail.

What has changed? How do you know? (4th Dimension – time)

I am now a finisher and always fulfil my commitments. I say “no” a lot more without feeling guilty or stressed and only focus on the most important tasks that affect the business in a positive way. This has saved me a lot of time and reduced my stress levels considerably. The work that I do now is always accurate, relevant and of a high standard.

I have really worked hard at boosting my red energy so that I am more assertive and I am now more able to hold the team accountable to fulfil its obligations. Using SMARTA objectives I can take the emotion out of negative situations regarding poor performance so that I can focus on improving behaviours and skills to increase individual performance of team members.

I have really focused on my blue energy too. I really enjoy the challenge of increased efficiency and profitability now. My current profile now uses phrases like “meticulous and painstaking in his attention to detail”. This would have never been the case a few years ago.

Through careful analysis of the UK business I have taken several small steps that has increased profitability by 80% in the last 2 years.

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