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Discovering Young Leaders Programme

The Commonwealth Youth Programme (CYP), a division of the Commonwealth Secretariat, is an intergovernmental youth development agency working primarily to engage and empower young people aged between 15 and 29 in order to enhance their meaningful contribution to development. This is done in partnership with young people, governments and other key youth stakeholders. CYP Africa operates in 22 Commonwealth African countries including Cyprus, Malta and the UK. These 22 countries have a youth population of more than 350 Million.

The work of CYP is anchored in the belief that empowered young people are assets to their societies. It is vital to ensure they realise their individual potential and to recognise and nurture their ability to contribute to their countries’ development and the success of the Commonwealth. CYP focuses on areas of major political, economic and social importance to young people, based on mandates received from Commonwealth Heads of Government Meetings (CHOGMs) and Commonwealth Youth Ministers Meetings. The Commonwealth Plan of Action for Youth Empowerment (PAYE), developed by CYP in partnership with youth development stakeholders, provides encouragement and guidance to member governments and other development organisations to create the optimum enabling environment for young people to participate as equal partners in development and democracy.

The work of the Commonwealth Youth Programme falls under three strategic programmes areas, all of which are guided by the plan of action:

  • Youth Work, Education and Training
  • Youth Enterprise and Sustainable Livelihoods
  • Governance, Development and Youth Networks

DYLP Background and Overview

The Discovering Youth Leaders Programme (DYLP) is an online interactive leadership and development programme designed as a means to respond to the deficits facing the youth leadership sector through online discussions and assignments. It introduces them to Commonwealth’s concepts, principles, values and practice in youth development. It serves as an opportunity for exchange of ideas, thoughts, experiences and best practice pertaining to youth leadership between young leaders and an array of eminent persons from the youth development and leadership sector including globally renowned youth development consultants, Ministers, Permanent Secretaries, and leaders of International Youth development organisations, NGOs, and the civil society as well as the private and public sectors. It highlights the objectives, methodology, proposed outcomes and the modules that will be used for the online interactive discussion platform.

The Training Programmes

The online training was designed as a 5-week and 7-week intensive programme with daily instructions, weekly summaries and real-time online feedback via Facebook and emails. It was composed of online discussions, Clarity4D youth profile, secondary feedbacks, essay, assignments, weekly reflections and road trips (DYLP-On-Wheels).

Target Participants

DYLP was generally targeted at leaders of youth organisations, aspiring youth leaders, and heads of organisations in National Youth Councils and related youth development structures that are between the ages of 15 and 25.

Participants' Profiles

Participants’ profiles included: members and executives of National/Regional/District Youth Councils and Youth Organisations, members of CYP Facebook group with keen interest in youth development, officers and trainers with youth development training centres, academics and anyone working with young people and youth activists, youth leaders and young people.

Mag Ngwira (Malawi) "Now, why didn't I do the clarity4d personality assessment any sooner? It's totally ingenious!...It's expository but good. It gives a base for everything I may/will do, how I will do it and what will be of it...It's a must do for every person, not just leaders or for this DYLP program but for daily living. Grateful I have been graced with the experience!"

Junior Toe (Liberia) "My Clarity4D profile report showed me who I am from the inner part of me, I have been able to understand myself whilst working to develop others. Before this experience with the Clarity4D questionnaires, I have been in the practice of helping to develop disadvantage young people from the streets, war affected youth, ex-combatants and young females who are involved with the sex trade in providing them income generational skills to help them transform their living conditions.  Whilst doing this work, I never had the knowledge of assessing myself to know these things that I learnt today from the Clarity4D profile report. I want to thank you all for this; you have made me understand myself as a person and how other people see what are do, how I live with people and where I need to improve to become successful in my work and life. I would like to admit that this Clarity4D profile report brought me to an important point in my life and work making me want to start a new way of carrying out my plan of helping to develop disadvantaged youth in my communities."

Khwezi Kipling Kondile (Johannesburg, South Africa) "I like the fact that it showed the room for improvements as many leaders nowadays shy away from criticism instead of taking it to heart."

Odeyemi Temitayo Isaac (Ilorin, Nigeria) "Clarity4D report is a real tailor-made assessment of who I really am. I circulated and discussed the report with some close people and they all testified to the accuracy of the points - my closest friend actually rated it 93%."

Alao 'Kunle Ayo' (Iwo, Nigeria) "The Clarity4D profile is a superb revelation for me, brought the hidden treasures in me and gave insight to how best I can harness their treasures. It also emphasised the areas I need to work on myself. My friends agree with most of the points noted in it."

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