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University of Bedfordshire Business School Workshop

Vietnamese students understanding colour

More than 400 students from the University of Bedfordshire Business School have received their Clarity4D profiles as part of their degree programme. These 3rd year Business Studies students attended a workshop which explained their colour preferences and the sort of environment or work that would suit their personality.

Even though there was a wide mix of cultures, with students from the Middle East, Asia and Africa as well as the UK, the simplicity of the colour concept, plus the link to the 4 elements, helped the groups to quickly understand the differences in communication style.

The University of Bedfordshire Business School recognises the value that Clarity4D profiles can give to students who are shortly entering the world of employment. After seeing the benefit of using the profiles for the Personal Brand part of their degree programme, they have decided to integrate Clarity4D further by introducing it earlier in the 3 year process. They believe that the Clarity4D experience gives their students an insight which is unique and invaluable in preparing their students for the corporate world.

"This made me much more aware of my personal brand and about my personality. It really made me aware of my qualities and how I can communicate more effectively in the work environment." 3rd Year Business Studies Student

What results can be expected from using Clarity4D in education?

Retention: Students can review their profiles and preferences periodically to track their development over time. This will help students engage more fully with the course, the tutors and with other students.

Teaching: Understanding how people learn is essential to student success in education. 'Colour' clarifies learning preferences of students and informs how lecturers approach teaching, taking into account preferences for extraversion/introversion. It will also explain how and why the students can 'stretch' their preferences, and it encourages them to take responsibility for their own learning.

Employability: The Clariy4D profiles help students become more conscious of their capabilities, their potential and ability to grow in different areas. It enables them to become more self-aware and understand how they are perceived by others. This helps the student to think about their behaviour in a team - how to adapt their communication style in different situations and with different people.

Click here to read more about how we use personality profiles within the education sector.

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