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What are some of the challenges facing charities today?

The New Direction and Team profiles and workshops can help bridge the gaps in an inclusive, non-threatening way to build harmony, greater understanding, mutual support and well-being for individuals and teams that are under pressure.

Who can benefit?

  • Individuals who are facing change and need more confidence and self-awareness
  • New and existing teams who need to improve communication and be more collaborative
  • People in relationships which are not going smoothly
  • People who are involved in interacting with others, and who would like to understand more fully the impact they can have on others, either at work or home
  • Disadvantaged young people
  • Long-term unemployed

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  • Discovering Young Leaders Programme

    The five week Developing Young Leaders Programme was introduced by the Commonwealth Youth Programme to strengthen the leadership capabilities of young leaders through intergenerational dialogue and peer learning. Find out how Clarity4D formed the basis of the learning.

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