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  • BP and Clarity4D

    Simple to understand. Affordable for all budgets. Globally accessible for all ages. Effective at getting results. Clarity4D profiles provide a personal development process which creates positive results in personal and professional relationships.

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  • Hotel Chocolat

    The original, authentic and ethical chocolate company. Why does Hotel Chocolat use Clarity4D?

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  • University of Bedfordshire Business School Workshop

    More than 300 students from the University of Bedfordshire Business School have received their Clarity4D profiles as part of their degree programme.

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How we help our clients

Our clients can vary from large corporations who are going through a massive culture change, to individuals who are going through a personal change of circumstances. By going through the 4D process of discovering more self-awareness, being open to feedback, identifying hidden potential and then taking action – measurable results can be achieved.

Some of the companies we have worked with include...

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Organisations we have helped

Abri Architects - Understanding our Customers

We are a medium sized practice of architects operating in Auckland and the Waikato. We design and support the construction of buildings throughout the country. Our approach to architecture is ...

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Clarity4D assisting career development

In 2009, Mr X was a manager in a UK based, global company and he attended a sales development programme where all the delegates completed a Clarity4D profile in order to understand themselves as the...

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Discovering Young Leaders Programme

The Commonwealth Youth Programme (CYP), a division of the Commonwealth Secretariat, is an intergovernmental youth development agency working primarily to engage and empower young people aged between ...

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Getting Clarity on your brand and image

Sue Donnelly, International Image Consultant, testifies how Clarity4D profiles can build confidence and assist in developing personal image and brand...

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A Clarity4D Business Partner talks about why he chose Clarity4D

Tony Moorcroft, a Clarity4D Business Partner, of Coast Consulting Ltd talks about why he has chosen Clarity4D as his profiling tool and why Clarity4D is different to the rest...

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Hear from a Business Partner and why their clients like Clarity4D

Clarity4D testimonial from Business Partner, Julie Bean of Double Trouble Development, which delivers executive coaching and professional business skills training...

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