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The Clarity4D approach is designed to be a learning and development process, which includes a profile and supportive follow-up via either workshops and/or coaching. Because the profiles include action plans, they provide the basis of a coaching conversation and cover the 4 dimensions of personal development:

  • 1st Dimension: Discover (self-awareness)

  • 2nd Dimension: Discuss (others’ perception of you)

  • 3rd Dimension: Diversify (your hidden potential)

  • 4th Dimension: Develop (your full potential over time)

There are a number of Clarity4D profiles that can be used in the coaching scenario, depending on the client being coached.

Personal Profile

For corporations, public sector or charities, available in Arabic, French, Polish, Portuguese and Spanish. Used for executive coaching, career development, performance management, mentoring.


Team Profiles

Identifies the unique contribution an individual gives to a team, highlights their communication preferences and how best to approach colleagues to create closer working relationships.


Youth Profiles

Used to help young people, aged 14-20, build their confidence, identify their strengths and be ready to move from education to the world of employment.

New Direction

Used to help and support individuals who are facing challenges or life change, at home or at work.


2D Profile

Designed to make an individual aware of how trusted colleagues and friends perceive them. It can help with the personal development process and communication within teams.

We have over 300 International Business Partners who can provide coaching using the Clarity4D as the basis of the coaching experience.  Please click here to find a coach who can provide you with support during your personal development 'journey'.

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