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Developmental workshops

The Clarity4D process starts with completing a questionnaire and receiving a profile; the learning can be enhanced and brought to life by the interactive workshops which are linked to the profiles. The Personal Development workshop is designed to focus on the individual and explain the background to their personal communication preferences, the Team Workshop helps the individual to communicate more effectively with other people and build collaborative teamwork, and the Stakeholder Workshops are designed to help teams develop closer relationships not only with other teams in the organisation, but also to key external partners such as clients and suppliers.

The Personal Development Workshop

This uses the content of the Personal Profile to enable individuals to have greater self-awareness and understanding of their Jungian preferences. The workshop forms the basis of authentic leadership for the individual.

Objectives of the Personal Development Workshop:

  • To understand the 4 Dimensions of Development
  • To explore our ‘instinctive’ selves
  • To be aware of perception
  • To be open to feedback
  • Using colour to understand the different preferences of Jungian behaviour
  • To explore our potential and create an action plan

The Team Workshop

This uses the Team profile to help individuals understand how their preferred communication style contributes to the team performance.

Objectives of the Team Workshop:

  • To recognise different colour types
  • To adapt our communication style to meet the needs of others
  • To recognise our strengths and what we bring to the team
  • To identify how we like to be communicated with, and what not to do
  • Building a Relationship Map
  • Analysing our own team and creating action steps

The Stakeholder Workshop

This is designed to build on the Team Workshop and focus the team on the key stakeholder partners. By understanding the colour preferences of suppliers, clients and community partners, relationships can be developed with greater understanding and rapport, which can reduce risk to the organisation.

Objectives of the Stakeholder Workshop:

  • Focus on relationships with key stakeholders
  • Identify threats to stakeholder relationship
  • Succession planning
  • Reduce risk of breakdown or losing key clients/suppliers
  • Improve collaboration with key partners

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