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Colour in Education

Jan 24 2018

Learning is the continuous practice of gaining, internalising and using knowledge. Learning serves the purposes of improving ourselves, strengthening our understandings of the world around us, and allows us to enlarge our personal growth through experiences tailored to our own cognition and individual ability to access and accumulate knowledge.

Learning guides us into creating a collection of opinions, observations, behaviours and insights that are purely our own. We cannot learn without the groundwork already established by what we witness and encounter every day, but we can forge our own interpretations of what we see by using and absorbing a range of resources and mediums at our disposal.

Clarity4D's colour profiling system is a supportive and accessible tool that recognises and encourages the behavioural differences inherent in all people, welcoming them with a profile suited meticulously to their own sense of self and who they are as individuals.

Research shows that personality preferences directly affect an individual’s learning styles through their instinctive motivations and interests. Each individual is different. The way we absorb information also varies person to person. Identifying the learning style that suits your personality is an important part of achieving academic as well as professional success. The key to improved material retention, engagement and effective study lies in identifying the most suitable approach to learning for each individual.


What benefits are there to Clarity4D's learning development? 

Clarity4D's profiling system is centred on the universally understood elements of Fire, Air, Water and Earth and the concept of the energy within these elements cannot be destroyed, it changes form. By creating a language of colour, behavior can be easily understood. Red (Fire) and Yellow (Air) represent visual and overt behaviour types, ones that are revealed through verbal or facial cues, whereas the Blue (Water) and Green (Earth) energies refer to the disguised and thus covert behaviour types, where internal feelings are often veiled in silence.

Each colour energy reflects a set of behavioural preferences which can be applied further to gain a better understanding of the ways in which our brains prefer to take in new information. This new understanding can transform our relationship to learning and provide a future framework for acquiring knowledge quickly and effectively.


The usefulness of Clarity4D's colour profiling in the education sector is a handy companion and resource for students, benefiting them with reassurance and a feeling of personal value, while also designed as a model for teaching staff to communicate effectively with all kinds of student. Nobody is left out and everybody can feel belonging in their place of study, not needing to feel pressured to act in a certain way to attain a desired result because they would be able to achieve success with the aid of a personal profile that can accommodate them along the way.

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