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New Product Launch - Teamify and the Atlassian Summit

Apr 25 2017

New and exciting things are happening here at Clarity 4D and we’re about to give you an exclusive sneak preview of what’s coming next! Following on from our great rebrand, our company is about to launch a new product named Teamify. We’ve partnered with some of the most talented software developers at Clearvision to create a tool that will enhance collaborative working whilst incorporating our colour language.

What is Teamify?

Well, we’ve developed a plugin with Confluence, a team collaboration software developed by Atlassian. We have produced Teamify to unleash higher performance in teams by bringing personality to Confluence. The tool enhances collaboration in many ways, one of which is by helping teams understand each other’s preferred working styles and motivations as well as each other’s communication preferences. Want to find out more? Watch our video here to help shed insight into what Teamify can really do for you and others.

Next upcoming event!

Our team will be taking Teamify to the Atlassian Summit. The Atlassian Summit is a global user conference that takes place annually. Many teams from around the world attend to witness Atlassian’s latest innovations first-hand and to be inspired. This year the Event will take place in Barcelona on the 2nd May – 5th May, where the launch of Teamify will take place onto the market place. So, make sure you keep an eye out on our social networks for the latest updates, whilst are team are abroad and attending the event!

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